Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ:SBUX) has after talks with Sequoia Capital China, disclosed details about the agreement to invest in the technology business. The coffee chain has termed the latest decision a progressive one, revealing plans to strike more business partnerships soon. According to the businesses, these will be commercial partnerships forged only with the retail technology and the food processing and sale companies.

The chairman and chief executive officer at Starbucks China, known as Belinda Wong, praised the business collaboration terming it a step towards the right direction for Starbucks. According to the official, this company will be in the position to take advantage of what he terms the most outstanding Chinese technology entrepreneurs.

China is known to be one of the leaders globally when it comes to the development of the most meaningful innovations. Wong looks forward to a near future where Starbucks will gain pretty quick access to what the official calls the retail marketplace ideas. It will be about the generation of strategic investment opportunities for the business giant.

Many companies are looking forward to making their investments. This is important for them, according to the leader, considering each one of them will succeed in taking advantage of the retail expertise of Starbucks. They will also be looking forward to taking advantage of the company’s infrastructure and scale as well.

Starbucks is showcasing great determination in line with its goal to give a major lift to the digital aspect in its business in China. The company recognizes China as one of its most important markets around the globe.

Starbucks has, over the years, been that kind of company that embraces meaningful business collaborations. For instance, it struck a partnership with Alibaba Group Holding (NYSE:BABA) in 2018. The deal with this e-commerce giant was targeted at helping the business in product delivery.

Starbucks says that it is working on ways to boost its retail operations in China. The business says that this area has been witnessing outstanding growth as it promises to continue optimizing its inventory management and supply chain.

Analysts have applauded the company’s decision to look into opportunities to enhance its retail businesses through the embedment of some high-end digital technologies.