AT&T Inc (NYSE:T) had taken to rising above the criticism directed towards it by choosing to continue with its earlier plan to name its upgraded LTE network. There had been a great resistance to bar it from labeling the network “5G Evolution”. It had outlined that it wouldn’t be succumbing to external pressure, but now, it seems to have gotten to the end.

The business guru has made a statement outlining that it will abandon its earlier initiative about the labeling of the network. It says that it has seen it fit to comply with the pressure exerted towards it. AT&T is out rightly cornered, and it doesn’t have any other choice asides from showing compliance with the recommendation.

The move to discontinue its 5G Evolution branding is a deviation from the company’s original plans, but it was necessary. That is, considering that the National Advertising Review Board had the power to bring the plan to a halt. Over the years, this board has functioned as an ad industry regulator, and thus AT&T had to drop its plan.

NARB became a major stumbling block for AT&T and its plans at that point it turned down the appeal made by the business. There had been concerns that the First Step to 5G, which is known as 5G Evolution, is quite misleading to the customers. In the same line, concerns were also expressed about the 5GE badge, which was also termed misleading according to reports. AT&T sought to have NARB step in and rubbish the claims made against its labeling plan.

The 5GE isn’t the real 5G didn’t face sharp criticism from the third parties. However, the board expressed concerns over the capacity of  “Evolution” in serving people with the truth. According to NARB, the term was inappropriate, considering that it could point to AT&T’s network as having evolved to become 5G.

The body criticized the “first step” message outlining that it had been exhibiting what it termed as a false impression. According to NARB, it was wrong for the company to think of projecting its network as a 5G one.