Dropbox Inc (NASDAQ:DBX) announced the launch of additional capabilities to its file-sharing solution. This is in addition to its file storage, sharing, and collaboration solutions. Among the solutions unveiled is password management, an online vault, and full computer backup.

Improving password management

The company is working to help new users efficiently manage multiple passwords by introducing password managers like 1Password and LastPass. These features store and autofill passwords. Dropbox is also introducing online vaults to allow users secure their important documents in digital form as opposed to a safe deposit box that have been in use in the past.

According to Dropbox Product Chief Timothy Young, the introduction of the password manager is because password management is “one of the dominant use cases for Dropbox today.” He says in addition to using Dropbox to store files and passwords, many users also use it to synchronize their existing password manager.

The company is also launching a backup feature for Dropbox Plus users. This feature will alow users to regularly backup their full PC or Mac content. This way, the content can be retrieved even if the PC gets lost. Currently, these products are only accessible to customers with the company’s beta version, promising that they will be available to all Dropbox Plus users in the near future.

Dropbox Plus will be priced at $9.99 a month, and customers will be given 2 TB of space in addition to other features. The company is adding new features to sweeten its offering and make it attractive for customers to pay the monthly fee.

Dropbox users can now sign their documents digitally

For Dropbox Business users, the company has launched an eSignature feature. This feature is available to Dropbox Business users with HelloSign, which was acquired by Dropbox last year. HelloSign will become the default eSignature solution to enable users send, sign, and share documents without leaving Dropbox. This feature will initially be released to private beta before being unveiled to other users.

Other new features that the company is introducing are App Center that will allow businesses to locate other services that are compatible with Dropbox like Slack, Zoom, and Google Docs. Dropbox is also launching a family account that will accommodate up to six family members.