Last week millions of Google’s (NASDAD:GOOGL) Gmail users were treated to a scare giving them a reason to stop using Windows 10 Mail app.

MSPowerUser and Windows Latest reported that Gmail users are now discovering the in-built Mail client of Microsoft’s Windows 10 is either deleting their mails or automatically sending them to spam.

Windows 10 Mail app deleting emails

One user recounted their experience stating that they have had issues with the Mail app of Windows 10 connected to a Google account. The user indicated that they realized that once they respond to emails, the sent email automatically disappears and cannot be traced either in the sent items, spam, outbox, or anywhere. Interestingly the email can’t be found in the web interface of Gmail either. It seems like there is an automatic erasing or deletion of the emails from the server.

A Windows Insider MVP Phil C stated that the latest Windows Mail version has broken Gmail Settings. As a result, the automatic way of adding the account through the Google link offered by the app seems not to work.

Workaround Windows 10 Mail app problem

Phil C explained that the only workaround is for users to remove their account and use manual Gmail IMAP settings or do away with the Gmail account from the Mail app. They can then re-add the account manually through the Other Account IMPA/POP via IMAP settings. This means that users will have to add their accounts as IMPA/POP account, which will weaken the Gmail security settings by permitting access to unsafe apps.

Gmail has been reclassifying the Windows 10 Mail app as an insecure app, and as a result, this has been limiting some functionality on its end to offer privacy and protect user’s data. This problem might have been caused by the May 2020 Windows 10 Update to some extent. However, Microsoft has acknowledged the issues, but it is yet to offer a fix to the problem. The problem has remained a significant concern for Gmail users accessing email through the Windows 10 Mail app.