SHARE, inc. (NYSE:CRM) recently introduced a new solution called Government Cloud Plus which, as you may have just guessed, will provide cloud services to the Federal and state governments in the U.S.

Salesforce announced the launch of the new Government Cloud Plus solution on Thursday, during which the company also revealed that it secured approval from FedRAMP. The latter is the provisional authority responsible for giving operational clearance to organizations, especially when operations are at a high-security impact level. The approval, therefore, highlights Salesforce’s commitment to providing its world-class CRM services and industry solutions that are highly secure and regulatory compliant.

The Government Cloud Plus solution will be provided to government customers, including the Federal government, state governments, government contractors, and even government-run research centers. The solution joins the growing portfolio of Salesforce services, and it will be operated via the  AWS GovCloud (US) provided by, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN).

“It’s been our mission to bring government and citizens closer together, and this is the next step as part of our deep and continued investment in the public sector industry,” stated Salesforce’s General Manager and Chief Operating Officer, Jujhar Singh.

Salesforce named as a leading provider of B2B and B2C commerce solutions

Apart from making power moves by creating a CRM solution for government use, Salesforce has also scored big after being mentioned as one of the top providers of B2B and B2C services. This courtesy was awarded to the cloud services provider by an independent research firm called Forrester Research.

Salesforce B2C was awarded the highest scores in Forrester Research’s focus segments, including machine learning, AI, product roadmap and vision, customer acquisition, support services, and others. Meanwhile, its B2B also gained top scores in areas such as machine learning, AI, analytics, business intelligence, and extensibility and delivery ecosystem.

Adam Blitzer, the company’s General Manager and Executive Vice President of Salesforce’s Digital division, stated that we live in a digital-first economy. He also added that the online focus is currently the lifeline of many businesses in the world. Thus, there is a lot of demand for different online services, and Salesforce is strategically positioned to provide those services.