AT&T Inc (NYSE:T) pronounced further expansions of its 5G network (the low band). It is set to cover about 28 new regions, including Miami, Austin, Salt Lake City, and Dallas. This is good news for many people that have been seeking to enjoy a slight boost in speed over what they are experiencing at the moment in terms of the LTE connections. However, they will need to be equipped with a 5G-compatible handset to take advantage of the opportunity.

Working on speeds

According to the company, the latest move is about ensuring that customers enjoy better latency and speeds. This puts them in a better place than where they were when they had to rely on the 4G LTE.

It was in winter that OpenSignal took to test speeds across the topmost phone carriers in down cities. AT&T’s speeds for the low-band stood at about 59.3 Mbps.

The company has severally appealed to its customers to restrain from confusing the services that it offers. It asserts that the customers must be able to distinguish its 5G Plus from the mmWave frequencies. The former is a high-band network.

AT&T encourages customers to understand all the services it offers so that they can enjoy them. It speaks about its 5G network, which is one of the options that it has under its name.

AT&T’s perspective

However, AT&T explains that the above isn’t a real 5G option. According to the top business, the option is just but a slightly faster version in its list of the LTE versions. The company understands that things could get a bit confusing and encourages customers to focus.

There is a lot to love about the 5G network, but again customers can’t turn a blind eye to the major setbacks. For instance, a great deal of the 5G smartphones usually goes at some extremely high prices.

Asides from that, the necessary infrastructure hasn’t been well-established yet. The state of the 5G network coverage still wants so far.