Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc (NYSE:SPCE) will launch SpaceShip Two from the SpacePort America. The weather for test flight is favorable for a week beginning June 25, 2020.

A great milestone for Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic achieved a milestone by launching the first flight on May 1, 2020, from New Mexico. It helped the company validate the flight worthiness of all the components to launch the spaceship and carrier aircraft.

High-speed glide to know vehicle performance

Virgin Galactic will use high-speed gliding during flight tests to know how the vehicle performs and test the systems. Its team will conduct thorough checks on systems used in the vehicle and also verify the operational procedures and pilot proficiency.

Virgin Galactic selected the pilots Michael ‘Sooch’ Masucci and Mark ‘Forger’ Stucky to fly this VSS Unity. The commercial astronauts are experienced in flying VSS Unity. CJ Sturckow and Nicola Pecile will fly VMS Eve.

Shares of Virgin Galactic skyrockets after a deal with NASA

Virgin Galactic shares jumped to $17.11 (up 14%) at 3 PM on January 23, 2020, after it entered a pact with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for private trips to the ISS (International Space Station). Its shares rose by 18% during intraday trade in two months. As per the deal, the company will find tourists who pay for a trip to the ISS. It will also provide transportation services.

Virgin Galactic’s association with NASA allows it to validate its capabilities in providing training to the astronauts. Adam Jonas, an analyst at Morgan Stanley, said Virgin Galactic is blessed with opportunities in commercial space expeditions because of a pact with NASA.

Jonas said the deal with NASA demonstrates the US government’s commitment to allow travel for a wide range of users to space stations.

Growing demand for Space Station for technological research

According to NASA, the demand for using the space station for technological and scientific research programs and commercial activities is growing fast.

CEO of Virgin Galactics, George Whitesides, said the company’s deal allows it to offer its space training facilities to NASA. It is a great achievement for the company.