Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Google redesigned its Google Finance with a focus on educating the general public in the US and lure them into investing in stocks for better returns.

Educated investors can make informed decisions and know expected returns by investing in a particular stock. According to a recent survey, almost half of the people in the US do not know that buying a single stock of trustworthy companies can provide better returns compared to investing in Mutual Funds.

Answers and questions on financing site of Google

Google will feature section ‘Questions and Answers’ on its site for the investors to understand investing in stocks and technical terms involved in the stock trading.

Redesigns finance

Google is redesigning its finance site to allow users to create their watch lists. Educated users can gather earnings, and track the movement of stocks. They can also add earnings calls and company events to their Google Calendar.

Expects to enhance the feature of Watch lists

Google plans to expand the features of watch lists by end of this year. It allows the users to create model portfolios, start experimenting with investing in their favorite stocks. The tools offered by Google allow them to get news of the companies, stocks, and track losses or gains.

Robinhood, another investing platform, also provides educational tools to enhance the financial literacy of people. However, Google fares well in this field because of its reach across the world. Its next target seems to be the trading of stocks.

Google offers loans to SMBs in India

Google commenced its financial push by offering loans to Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) in India through its Google Pay. In a recent communiqué, the company announced plans to offer a checking account as well to the consumers in India.

States join antitrust probes against Google

Around a dozen states led by Republicans will join the forthcoming antitrust lawsuit against Google. Every state attorney engages in investigating the online advertising business of Google. General Ken Paxton, Attorney General of Texas, expects to join the justice department probe. He is reportedly reading the complaint against Google, which is separate from others.

Some of the states have not yet read the complaint in full and their decision will depend on their understanding. Even states ruled by Democrats could launch an investigation into other business areas of Google.