The global sweetener market, dominated by sugar, had an estimated value of $58.3 billion in 2010. The specialty sweetener market is the fastest growing component of that equation, with a number of recent innovations leading to new ways for people to sweeten foods and avoid processed sugar, which can lead to a variety of health problems.

One company now aggressively moving onto this playing field is Cannabis Global, Inc. (OTCMKTS:CBGL), a California-based cannabinoids product company that might be considered an emerging leader in the field, given its heavy R&D focus over the past year, and many provisional patent applications in process now at the USPTO for infusion technology and cannabinoid processing methods.

The company has a strong focus on all-natural processes that lead to high-tech outcomes in infusing cannabinoids into beverages, edibles, and now sweeteners.

CBGL’s Hemp You Can Feel™ hemp-based water-soluble sweeteners line is now in production and readying for widespread distribution, and could be a game changer for the market space.

The Challenge is On

This morning, Cannabis Global, Inc. (OTCMKTS:CBGL) announced that free samples of its new honeybee-powered water soluble hemp extract sweetener line are now available.

Included in that message was the direct challenge: “Take the Hemp You Can Feel™ Challenge today and experience the Company’s revolutionary hemp extract infusion technology for free for a limited time while supplies last.”

“What will you find by taking the Hemp You Can Feel™ Challenge? – Probably the best hemp infusion technology on the market today,” commented Arman Tabatabaei, CEO of Cannabis Global. “Where most hemp extracts and CBD products rely on chemicals to suspend the cannabinoids in foods and beverages, our products do this naturally, powered by the advanced and patented Bee-Fuse Technology™ and Hemp You Can Feel™ technology. With no added chemicals, no bitter taste, and no clouded beverages, it is simply the best hemp infusion technology available. We invite you to try our sweetener line for free, and hope you will tell us about your experiences.”

According to the release, the company is planning to launch its sweetener line over coming weeks. However, with production well underway, Cannabis Global is making free samples available while supplies last.

Specifically, interested consumers are invited to try Hemp You Can Feel™ Sugar – Organic sugar with Hemp You Can Fee™ Infusions; Hemp You Can Feel™ Sucralose Blend with Hemp You Can Feel™ Infusions; Hemp You Can Feel™ Stevia Blend with Hemp You Can Feel™ Infusions; Hemp You Can Feel™ Aspartame blended with Hemp You Can Feel™ Infusions; and Hemp You Can Feel™ Saccharin blended with Hemp You Can Feel™ Infusions.

The Science Behind the Challenge

As noted above, Cannabis Global, Inc. (OTCMKTS:CBGL) is R&D-heavy and has carved out a niche in creating all-natural nano-infusions that seem to work even for the so-called exotic cannabinoids at commercially scalable levels.

But the Hemp You Can Feel™ Sweeteners utilizes a new process that the company is dubbing Bee-Fuse Technology™.

Several of the company’s products are powered by Bee-Fuse technology™. Which is an IP Protected method that enables bees to naturally express the full spectrum of the Hemp plant in their honey in a highly efficient manner, utilizing low amounts of cannabinoids as well as therapeutic terpenes which creates a unique delivery platform for any strain.

According to the release, the “science behind Hemp You Can Feel™ Sweeteners is both simple and complex. It is simple in that the primary hemp infusion technology is performed by honeybees, through Bee-Fuse Technology™, that are provided hemp extracts to produce a complex hemp compound. This all-natural compound is processed by the Company into powdered sweeteners using a proprietary process. The result is a 100% water-soluble product line that does not alter the taste of beverages or foods, is completely dissolvable in cold and hot fluids, and is rich in cannabinoids and hemp extracts, all while being free of chemical additives, surfactants, and emulsifiers. The Company began production of the product line earlier this week with shipments to clients starting next week.”

That last point shouldn’t be overlooked: this isn’t a far-off theoretical product push that hopes to rope in investors on the off chance that the company manages to eventually get something out the door in 2023. This is very much an immediate prospect, in production now, and heading out the door next week to distributors. You can use the link to sign up and get samples now.

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