Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC), Qualcomm Technologies Inc.(NASDAQ:QCOM), and US Cellular (NYSE:USM) has announced the successful completion of the first extended-range 5G NR millimeter Wave data call in the US.

Path laid for 5G applications in remote areas

The companies completed the extended-range data call milestone in Janesville, Wisconsin, over a 5Km distance with more than 100Mbps. The milestone redefines the 5G mmWave spectrum perception as a high-density or an urban only deployment tech. It offers new opportunities to use current infrastructures for wider 5G coverage. The call now paves the path for 5G applications for consumers and businesses in rural areas through the extension of Fixed Wireless Access installation service potential.

The data call was made by applying extended-range software to Ericsson hardware which includes Baseband 6630 and AIR51231 in combination with 5G-enabled client premises equipment containing an X55 5G Qualcomm modem and QTM527 mmWave antenna module. With the companies attaining speeds of 100 Mbps, Qualcomm indicated that the call is a milestone that will help in bridging the digital divide. This shows that 5G will enhance speeds in areas that were traditionally neglected in terms of broadband. As a result, it will enable service providers to have a cost-effective way of expanding coverage and delivering 5G experience in remote areas that previously lacked a reliable network.

Enhanced Fixed Wireless Access installations

Equally, this move will open the door for other uses cases, thus delivering 5G benefits to businesses and homes to urban and rural communities. For instance, the Fixed Wireless Access installations can offer an effective way of delivering fiber-like wireless internet speeds over mmWave to institutions like hospitals, schools, and town halls and address last-mile challenges in remote areas.

The FWA offers bandwidth necessary to support HD streaming services that can enhance remote healthcare and education experiences in rural and suburban setups. Alejandro Holcman, the Qualcomm SVP of engineering, said that the introduction of the Qualcomm QTM527 mmWave antenna module is helping in empowering operators and OEMs for enhanced performance, thus paving the way for the implementation of extended-range 5G broadband services.