Grace Sharer is a member of the internet famous Sharer family that has become a brand and household name. Starting her YouTube channel in 2019, Grace has amassed nearly 2 million subscribers and garnered over 450 million views so far.

Sharing her daily lifestyle vlogs, Grace has become a popular female influencer for younger generations to look up to when watching her family friendly videos. Her content includes fun challenges like pranks on her friends, testing life hacks and science experiments and daily vlogging. Her popularity and likeability, has led to securing partnerships with brands such as Mattel, Candy Crush and Nickelodeon. In addition to her brand partnerships, she also loves to volunteer and give back to the community, which supports her message of “Sharing The Love.” Grace is heavily involved with her favorite charitable organization, Make-A-Wish. She has granted many wishes and has even attended the annual fundraising gala in Los Angeles.

Growing up right outside Washington, D.CGrace Sharer always spent summers outside playing sports, exploring new places, and participating in fun water activities like wakeboarding and surfing. Grace has two older brothers who are also well-known YouTubers, Stephen Sharer and Carter Sharer.

Grace Sharer was first introduced when her brother, Stephen Sharer posted a video titled “WELCOME TO THE SHARER FAMILY!! (NEW MEMBER).” She quickly became a fan favorite in the vlogs and often participated in fun challenges with her brother Stephen. Because of the popularity on Stephen’s channel, she created her own channel to share content with her fans. Their mom often appears in the videos as well, which the fans have coined her “Mama Sharer.” In addition to her mom and brothers, she also has two family dogs, Otter and Cooper. Otter is a Yorkshire Terrier and was gifted to Grace for her birthday.

Grace Sharer has a passion for science and loves learning new things and experimenting with different projects. She loves learning about technology, shopping, and hanging out with her friends. You can often find her at the beach playing in the sand or swimming in the ocean. Traveling is one of her favorite pastimes and Grace is always looking for the next location to experience the culture of a different country. Her mom is a professional artist who is skilled in painting, pottery making and crafting which has giften Grace a natural artistic ability. Her creativity shines through in her videos as she continues to produce new and fun content on her YouTube channel.