BLGI Inc (OTCMKTS:BLGI) — now temporarily trading under BLGID following its reverse split last week — is a recent entrant onto the OTC playing field that deserves attention. This is a reborn ticker (either an explicit reverse merger play or one in a de facto sense) whereby a completely new vision, team, strategy, and asset base gained control of the stock over the summer.

Gone is Black Cactus Global. Arrived and ascendant is BLGI, Inc, replete, it would seem, with promise, growth potential, expertise, and established intellectual property.

So, what’s the story here?

First off, according to information from the company’s communications and website, the new team in charge of BLGI Inc (OTCMKTS:BLGI) is effectively attached to a privately held Chicago-based leading-edge software development firm called Charteris, Mackie, Baillie & Cummins Limited (CMBC). CMBC’s primary focus has been, most centrally, the development of commercial solutions for Asset Management for complex financial transactions. But it is also involved in entertainment, music, film, healthcare data, and other manifestations of its core value proposition.

We would point you to the company’s initial post-RM press release from July:

“Lawrence P. Cummins is the President and CEO of Charteris, Mackie, Baillie & and Cummins Limited (CMBC) whose primary focus has been the development of commercial solutions for Asset Management for complex financial transactions. In addition, a new disruptive media publishing platform for music, video and books, which utilizes Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning algorithms, Cloud Computing, Blockchain Integration for implementing smart contracts for Internet of economies with analytics and predictive modeling has been added to the Company’s breakthrough offerings.”

What is that core value proposition? Expertise in data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain solutions, cloud computing, etc.  –  Ie, we have here the general theme of hyper-advanced applications of cutting-edge computational engineering.

Those abstract facilities have been applied by CMBC toward complex financial market solutions. But they have many other applications, some of which are now being actively explored, and some of which have already been explored to great effect by the company.

In short, BLGI is a publicly traded company with one of the partners of CMBC (Cummins – the second “C”) in charge as CEO, and a host of exclusive licensing agreements in place whereby BLGI can mobilize CMBC’s treasure trove of IP and expertise to drive high-margin growth in cutting edge software solutions centered on Financial Data and Transactions, Media, Healthcare Data, and Travel, though we would also note that Cybersecurity may fit very well here also, and may be a pursuit of the company now or in the future.

As noted in that release from July: “BLGI has entered into a Software License Agreement with CMBC for the use of its IP that supports the blockchain based development platform that BLGI will commercialize by developing solutions for a broad range of industries. CMBC has also assigned all the rights and benefits to BLGI of the Software License it granted Benchmark Advisors (Bahamas) Limited, a Broker Dealer and Investment Advisor licensed by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas. In exchange for these two transactions BLGI has issued CMBC 294,109,944 shares of common stock.”

That’s the central nugget at the heart of this story. And it presents investors with an opportunity to gain exposure to a wide variety of rapidly growing industries all through the lens of a first-tier dev shop with strong expertise and an existing track record.

The Road Ahead

We will no doubt explore this interesting name again soon. But, for now, we want to make the point that this is already much further along than you might think from a glance at the stock’s chart.

BLGI Inc (OTCMKTS:BLGI) shares have moved about 300% higher since the summer, as news started to spread about the transition in the meaning of the ticker symbol. But, lest you think this is a story about a promise and some far-fetched potential, using fancy lingo dug up from a Sand Hill Road office in Palo Alto, BLGI is already very near commercial stage results with a huge store of marketable IP and a mile-long list of key relationships in play.

For example, the company’s financial products traction already works with world-leading data science companies to develop solutions for investment banking and asset management. According to the company’s website materials, “We integrated data from all the major stocks, futures CDF’s, Currency, indices, forex, and cryptocurrency exchanges.”

In addition, the company just announced that, in furtherance of its restructuring, BLGI filed Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation with the State of Florida, effective as of October 8, 2020, to consolidate its capital by a 20:1 reverse split of its Common Stock and reduce the number of shares of Common Stock it is authorized to issue from 490,000,000 to 200,000,000 shares.

The company also changed its name from Black Cactus Global, Inc. to BLGI, Inc. The Company’s Common Stock began trading on a post-reverse split basis on October 16, 2020.

According to its release last week, “the new leadership team, led by Lawrence P. Cummins, CEO, looks forward to executing its business plan by using the Intellectual Property it acquired from Mr. Cummins’ company, Charteris, Mackie, Baillie & Cummins Limited, to develop solutions for business opportunities that have been identified.”

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