Perhaps the two most exciting thematic trends in play as we navigate a tumultuous pre-election market – with possibly the most contentious and polarizing election in modern times looming just days ahead – have nothing to do with electoral politics or the policies at stake.

Two events should be front and center for investors right now: the resurgent pandemic health crisis and the fact that Paypal recently announced it will be evolving in the near term to include cryptocurrencies as viable currency elements.

These two events mark out Telehealth and Crypto as the most explosive thematic trends. And one stock, trading for just pennies per share, sits at their intersection: ISW Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:ISWH).


ISW Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:ISWH) is directly involved here, with the recent establishment of its Telecare segment, a new telehealth subsidiary gaining recent founding, licensing, and ramp-up, which recently received its license from the State of Texas under Chapter 142 of the Texas Health and Safety Code to operate in Texas.

ISWH’s Paradigm Home Health subsidiary, which forms a pre-existing foundation here, has been piling up tangible performance over recent quarters, with five consecutive quarters of sharp sequential growth and revenues of about a quarter million last quarter to log growth of 79% y/y.

But the advent of Telehealth deregulation in response to the pandemic has spurred a jump in interest in telehealth, which plays into the narrative given the company’s move to launch Telecare.

According to ISWH, the Telecare referral intake process is fully electronic, with provider referrals opening a client relationship, coordinating care with providers, logging all consents, and assigning a home health caretaker, all achieved entirely electronically. Within twelve hours, an on-site assessment with a registered nurse is conducted, and full care services begin within 24 hours.

The Telecare team is reportedly growing, and ISWH intends to ramp up service across the state and to extend its service area into additional states over coming months. In other words, ISWH’s Telecare subsidiary is a telehealth efficiency solution that is now operational and starting to drive growth for the company in Q4.


The interesting added element in this story is the fact that ISW Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:ISWH) has also been ramping up a crypto segment that goes back to its landmark new venture in partnership with Bit5ive LLC, a global leader in cryptocurrency mining and innovative turnkey mining solutions.

With PayPal finally jumping on board, experts say the Crypto theme has finally crossed the Rubicon into core status as a major market theme with which to be reckoned. Related stocks have been ramping, but ISWH has thus far been overlooked, despite its relative advantage in terms of execution over recent quarters.

“We are incredibly excited to expand our current portfolio and move into what we believe is a sector poised for strong technological and financial growth,” stated ISW Holdings President and Chairman Alonzo Pierce. “This new joint-venture agreement enables us to collaborate with the experienced team at Bit5ive to innovate the infrastructure needed to run profitable, efficient crypto mining projects, and to take advantage of the incredible growth projected for the crypto market.”

To understand the importance of this shift, it is necessary to understand Bit5ive’s key role in the industry. While Bit5ive is one of the most explosive distribution points for leading mining equipment, the company is not accessible to investors in any publicly traded form. In fact, at this point, ISWH is likely now the best avenue to gain exposure in the space because there are so few legitimate publicly traded options with pure-play exposure.

But ISWH’s deal with Bit5ive provides this direct thematic relationship.

More to the point, according to company communications, we can expect some headlines over the very near term that further establish this theme for the stock given its statements over the summer about its finalization of the new Proceso S19 Pod5ive data center design, which is capable of powering 1MW of computing mining power for deployment and initial pod delivery bound to the 100-MW renewable energy Bit5ive project in Pennsylvania.

“The S19 Pod5ive Data Center has been engineered from the ground up to deliver an industry leading Power Usage Effectiveness (“PUE”) score of 1.025,” stated Alonzo Pierce, president of ISW Holdings. “If you eliminate everything superfluous to maximum performance, optimize every remaining factor, and then integrate it into a renewable energy substrate to drive costs down to some of the lowest levels available anywhere in the world, this is what you get.” This is one of the most ambitious mining projects in development, and ISWH promises to be a bona fide player on the crypto stock landscape through its partnership.