Microsoft Corp’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) Teams has partnered with Inc. (NYSE:CRM) by integrating Salesforce’s customer relationship management (CRM), which allows sharing of data with Microsoft Teams by sales teams.

Integration to make access and organizing of data in Teams easier

The companies are partnering to address customer demands by offering teams a shared view of each customer. It also aims to make meetings and collaboration between teams simpler by helping sales staff access and organize data within Teams chat, tabs, and channels. Microsoft said that they are delighted to have Salesforce in the Teams pilot, and the integration will be available to sales and Service Cloud clients with unlimited edition or Enterprise at no extra cost.

For years, customer data has always been important, including the current sales team’s data at most organizations stored in CRM application. A connection between customer data and the conversations around them can enhance productivity for any team working with customers. This is why the integration of Microsoft Teams and Salesforce is very important as users can interweave important customer and case records in Teams.

Sales teams to benefit from enhanced engagement

Doug Camplejohn, the Sales Cloud Executive VP and General Manager, said that the connection of Teams and Salesforce CRM will benefit customers. They will benefit from the connection of Microsoft teams’ chat and workspace capabilities alongside vital data and actions from Salesforce.

Sales teams can now be brought together with the integration. It will help make hallway conversations that are currently missing in most salespeople’s routines in the wake of remote working. Interestingly the integration will help service teams to coordinate better with quick response times to open cases. This permits more team collaboration within and outside the service department.

The integration of Salesforce’s CRM with Microsoft teams is the same as the integration it had with Slack Technologies. In 2019 Salesforce released a Salesforce for Slack app that allows Salesforce users to preview and search details records like cases, accounts, and opportunities within Slack.