Walmart Inc. (NYSE:WMT) is amongst the US’s largest retailers with huge throngs of data of what shoppers are looking for. Recently it analyzed its orders and established some products that were popular per state.

Walmart ranks top-selling products

According to the analysis, which established 25 top-selling products in every state, Cheerios was most preferred in New York, with Californians loving protein powder while the grape-flavored drink mix was a favorite for Ohioans. In DC, French fried onions are popular; North Carolinians love Mayonnaises while vanilla frosting was a top seller in Washington.

In Alabama, cake mix is a popular product, which is an indication that sometimes southerners can bake by the box. On the other hand, Alaskans are conscious about having a cute bathroom, and here shower curtains are popular. Arizonians love their slice of bread toasted, and the 2-slice toaster was a top seller in the state. Arkansas consumers seem to have a lot of babies, as baby diapers were the most bought product.

With the elevation in Colorado, it is no surprise that apple juice was a popular item, while in Connecticut, Trolls DVD is the top-selling product. In Delaware, women’s multivitamins and medicine are popular, and in Florida, the Google home connected devices give consumers a way of playing their music. The top-selling product in Georgia was humidifiers, which help consumers in cooling down and easier breathing.

Crafting is big in Hawaii

Although crafting might seem like something that you don’t expect in Hawaii, the truth is Hawaiians love fabric while in Idaho, there is a high demand for Gatorade. In Indiana, hand sanitizers are popular, and in Iowa, there are several kids as diapers were the most bought product from Walmart. Raisins are popular in Lousianna, while jelly and peanut butter seem to be the preferred lunch in Maine.

Tennis is popular in Massachusetts as tennis balls were top-selling in the state, and in Minnesota, where sports are big, folding chairs were bought most. Golf balls are big in New Mexico thanks to its gold course.