BLGI Inc (OTCMKTS:BLGI, BLGID), an emerging software development player trading on the OTC despite having full and exclusive licensing rights from one of the most impressive private blockchain/AI/cloud technology firms around, continues to stamp reality with the implications of its diverse end-market footprint.

We have covered this stock a few times in the past few weeks because it represents a quintessentially 21st century technology opportunity. The key to that notion is that it carries the potential to disrupt a number of different sectors through the same basic “superpower”: software development apex predator chops.

The founding partner at one of the most successful venture capital investment firms, Andreessen Horowitz (aka A16Z), Marc Andreesen, once famously opined, “Software is eating the world”.

This quip boils down to the idea that, given any reasonable time horizon, everything of value will in some way be improved disruptively by new innovations in the realm of software. With a few lines of code, you can make almost anything more efficient.

BLGI is a great example of this phenomenon. And its latest success appears to be in its media division with the coming release of its new film, Adaptive Everest.

Adaptive Everest

Recent social media postings from the company suggest that the film is headed for distribution potentially over Amazon Prime, Netflix, and YouTube, though we can’t confirm this other than through claims made by the company.

According to a website marketing the film, Adaptive Everest is the first-hand account of two injured paratroopers attempting to summit the highest mountain in the world.

“Martin Hewitt lost the use of his arm fighting in Afghanistan when he was shot through the shoulder. Terry Byrne lost his leg also in Afghanistan. Both men thought their injuries would be the greatest challenge. However, other factors proved to be more dangerous than climbing with one arm or one leg. Will the two veterans make it to the summit?”

The film is being distributed through the company’s Movie Roo division, which has already published several award-winning film projects, including the film Brash young Turks and Intruders. Both films were directed by Naeem Mahmood, a London based Director with whom we’ve had an ongoing creative relationship.

According to the company’s social media communications, we can expect the film to start posting to major streaming services over coming days.

The Big Point

The big point here is that BLGI Inc (OTCMKTS:BLGI) is a diversified play with a specialization in blockchain, machine learning (AI), and cloud computing.

According to information from the company’s communications and website, BLGI Inc (OTCMKTS:BLGI) is attached through licensing agreements to privately held Chicago-based leading-edge software development firm, Charteris, Mackie, Baillie & Cummins Limited (CMBC). CMBC’s primary focus has been, most centrally, the development of commercial solutions for Asset Management for complex financial transactions.

As noted by the company in its July press release: “BLGI has entered into a Software License Agreement with CMBC for the use of its IP that supports the blockchain based development platform that BLGI will commercialize by developing solutions for a broad range of industries. CMBC has also assigned all the rights and benefits to BLGI of the Software License it granted Benchmark Advisors (Bahamas) Limited, a Broker Dealer and Investment Advisor licensed by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas. In exchange for these two transactions BLGI has issued CMBC 294,109,944 shares of common stock.”

This is particularly interesting because BLGI is working to change everything, and it has the team and skills in place to do it.

According to the company’s website, “BLGI is a data science company focusing on developing solutions across a vast spectrum of industries and institutions. We develop cutting edge technology for our clients utilizing machine learning, cloud computing, and Blockchain integration. At BLGI, we provide our clients with bespoke solutions that utilize our Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (A.I) expertise to expand their company within an ever-changing virtual environment. We provide technical consultation for our clients to develop a plan of action that incorporates BLGI’s licensed and regulated technologies within their systems. Through the integration of these emerging technologies, we provide our clients with an edge over their competitors and empower them to succeed.”

In other words, the company is pushing ahead with specific commercial operations in a few targeted industries. But it is also open for business as a tailored service provider for other firms looking to boost their resources and systems with machine learning (AI), cloud computing, and Blockchain integration.

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