IBM (NYSE:IBM) and AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) have partnered to help enterprises in managing applications hosted in hybrid cloud environments. The IBM Cloud Satellite will leverage Red Hat OpenShift at the mobile network edge to offer enterprises right-sized solutions.

IBM and AT&T partners in Cloud Satellite

With the partnership, the Cloud Satellite currently in beta will move the open hybrid cloud framework into a new environment through AT&T’s 5G connectivity and Red Hat’s unit containerization. The Cloud satellite is a software product offered by IBM, which gives a link to AT&T and IBM’s hardware. It provides one dashboard method for managing service across various computing environments, locations, and networks.

The IBM Cloud Satellite is built on Red Hat OpenSHift, and it allows clients to access security and cloud services from any location. The partnership with AT&T’s 5G network will give clients in highly regulated sectors access to 5G network capabilities that can enhance user experiences, optimize processes as well as uncover new revenue streams.  IBM indicated that the joint collaboration will give users a single dashboard to manage services across billions of edge devices and multiple clouds to enhance security and reliability.

Bringing edge computing to enterprises

The idea is having enterprises to adopt tech that needs low latency as well as edge computing. For instance, retail stores will be able to monitor spills, spoilage, and crowd data in real-time through sensors and smart cameras and feed data to the cloud through AT&T’s 5G networks rather than using an existing network.

IBM indicated that the partnership is a reflection of its commitment to retool its software platform. The company has been working with other carriers such as Bharti Airtel, Verizon, and Vodafone in building an open approach around Red Hat OpenShift.  Also, the partnership builds on a strategic agreement between AT&T and IBM entered a year ago, where AT&T committed to moving most of its large internal workloads to UBM Cloud. IBM is responsible for managing AT&T’s hybrid cloud infrastructure and uses AT&T Business as the main software-defined network provider.