In 2018 Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) borrowed the idea of short-form video “Stories” form social media platforms Instagram and Snapchat for the Preview feature. The company is now introducing a full-screen vertical video feed drawing inspiration from TikTok.

Netflix unveils feed to help discover new movies

Netflix is piloting the new feature called “Fast Laughs” which is a new feed of short-form comedy videos drawn from its catalog. The feature offers users a 15 to 45-seconds feed of comedy clips taken from Netflix movies, comedy specials and shows. Once you view an excerpt, you can bookmark the full-length movie or show for later. The feed includes video clips from Netflix original content and licensed programming. The company indicates that clips from its social channel “Netflix Is A joke£ which runs longer videos, clips and social content across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube is also part of the feed.

Fast Laughs is similar to TikTok in that one swipes through vertical videos offered in full-screen with engagement buttons on the right side. However, it is not trying to be a place where you can waste time as you are entertained. The objective of the Fast Laughs feed is to help Netflix users to discover new movies and shows to watch. Rather than commenting and liking content like in social media, the deed encourages users to add movies and shows to their watchlist to watch later. Notably the feature services almost the same role as the “Previews” feature which helps in discovering new shows by watching trailers and clips from newly released and popular shows.

Netflix enhancing the user experience

Netflix indicated in a statement that they are looking to enhance user experience on their platform. The company said that most users love comedy, and therefore, this will be a good way of helping them discover new shows and appreciate classic scenes.

Netflix is entering a new territory which will offer users access to full-length TV shows and movies. Vertical short-form videos are increasingly becoming popular, and platforms such as TikTok are already leveraging their power.