Chinese music entertainment platform Tencent Music Entertainment Group (NYSE:TME) has reached an exclusive digital licensing agreement with peermusic. The agreement is for the promotion and distribution of peermusic’s publishing catalog.

Chinese Tencent fans to enjoy peermusic’s catalog

Following the agreement, Tencent users can now access the peermusic catalog via its streaming platform and other local digital platforms such as Kuwo Music, WeSing, QQ Music, and Koguo Music. Peermusic is among the largest music publishers globally, and its catalog includes songs from several artists. Some famous artists whose music is available in the catalog include Justin Beiber, Beyonce, Rihanna, The Rolling Stones, Jimmie Rodgers, and Buddy Holly, among others.

Similarly, there is a roster of producers and other artists under peermusic that include the likes of Lee Wei Shiong, Lee Shih Shiong, Hamshore Tang, Sallam Remi, David Foster, Poo Bear, Maxim from the Prodigy, and De La Ghetto. The platform has sub-publishing partnerships and BMG, Anthem, Big Deal, and Concord.

An official Tencent Music Entertainment director said that the company seeks quality content globally from various partners. This is part of TME’s commitment to delivering the best and most comprehensive music catalog to customers. The director said that peermusic has an impressive and long successful track record as one of the largest music publishers globally. Its catalogs include music from the most extraordinary songwriters making the platform ideal for partnership with TME. The official added that the company is delighted to offer great music to enjoy consumers across China.

Peermusic seeing massive growth in China

Peermusic has focused significantly on the Chinese market, and since 2015 when it set up its first office in the country, it has seen massive growth. The platform was the first independent music publisher in Mainland China and the first Western independent publisher signing Chinese writers. Spencer Lee, the peermusic Asia Pacific President, said that they are delighted to partner with TME to bring peermusic’s catalog and artist roaster to millions of Chinese fans.