Comcast Corp (NASDAQ:CMCSA) has been struggling to rise from being the Worst American company awards, but even efforts to change its name to Xfinity have not helped customers to forge or forget.

Comcast Christmas ad backfires

The company has tried to spread Xfinitely good feelings to customers after spending a fortune to create a long ad celebrating its giving spirit. As Santa tries to look for new ideas for Christmas gifts by enlisting enterprising elves through zoom, Steve carrel. Santa explains that considering the torrid year we have had, usual gifts will not cut it. Therefore like most, a business leader takes responsibility, and there I something else to find fast and figure it out.

One elf gets the answer, “we’re going to gift the Holiday spirit.” However, this is not an appeal for free vodka but rather a way of packaging all the warm Christmas feeling that family is all about. This is the family spirit we see in holiday ads always.

The corporate gospel is all about Santa telling his elves that Christmas is not all about gifts but the little things.  Conventionally one should embrace the family spirit of togetherness, which the ad describes as the “greatest gift of all.” However, the timing is a bit awkward.

Comcast extends data caps as a sign of holiday togetherness

The company announced that it would encourage the spirit of togetherness by extending data caps to most parts of the country. Already some Americans have this gift, but Comcast just wants to bring the whole country together through data caps. You could be mistaken to think that Comcast showed the spirit of togetherness the whole year. Despite suspending overage data fees and taking part in Keep Americans Connected Pledge during the pandemic, customers could not record most shows a couple of weeks back.

Customers expressed dissatisfaction on Xfinity forums, which was problematic for those who had recorded sports events overnight. The company took a long to reply even after most customers tabulate their complaints with customer support.