PepsiCo Inc. (NASDAQ:PEP) and RISE have partnered to advance equity and inclusion, combat racism, and also inspire lasting change by harnessing the unifying power of sports. RISE is a US non-profit that educates and empowers the sports community in eliminating racial discrimination, improving race relations, and also championing social justice.

Pepsi partners with RISE to fight racism

This RISE collaboration is the first of its kind for Pepsi Beverages and it seeks to promote experiential learning opportunities for participants in the RISE program nationwide, the participants include athletes, coaches, and fans across different sports levels.Also, Pepsi will empower and educate its employees and business partners by engaging with the RISE multi-week leadership programs designed to enhance cultural competence.

Pepsi Beverages Sports Marketing head, Justin Toman said that they are delighted to join RISE in combating racism and creating meaningful change using the unifying power of sports. He said that Pepsi is pleased to join its partners in the NBA, NHL, and NFL to collectively work and deliver impactful programs to life that offers the company’s shared vision of advancing understanding and equality.

Using sport to drove inclusivity

RISE CEO Diahann Billings-Burford said that Pepsi has not only taken notice to buy it is also taking action to tackle racism and create an inclusive country through the partnership with RISE. She said that there is power in sport to bring people of diverse backgrounds and beliefs together and thus can spark necessary action to enhance racial equity in the country.

Most importantly RISE programs enhance racial equity understanding. They also create cultural competence and equip participants with the necessary tools to address issues of racial discrimination, inclusion, and diversity. Equally the Champions of Change experiences engage several fans at top sporting events such as Final Four and Super bowl. The program educates, motivates, and provoke the empathy of fans to take action and combat racism.

The collaboration is part of Pepsi’s journey to fight racial discrimination including the company investing over $845 million in the next five years to Hispanic and Black communities.