SHARE, Inc. (NYSE:CRM)’s Command Center and Digital Health Pass of IBM (NYSE:IBM) will be integrated to allow individuals to store and share results.

Secure sharing of health records

Individuals will benefit from this alliance to store and share vaccination status, temperature checks, and test results using a mobile wallet. They can maintain the secrecy of their data while securely sharing the health records.

According to a communication from both companies, the new alliance allows the firms to check the health status and vaccination of employees when they return to the office after a work from home arrangement.

IBM introduces Digital Health Pass

IBM introduced Digital Health Pass in October 2020 to enable individuals to manage, share, and store their health status with the help of mobile devices.

The app uses the latest technology blockchain to maintain privacy and facilitate easy sharing of data. It is highly useful for individuals at sports stadiums, airports, and amusement parks.

The Work site of Salesforce is a hit this year and helps firms to quickly manage coronavirus safety. It also worked as a way for the distribution of coronavirus vaccines. The new alliance between IBM and Salesforce facilitates tracking of test and vaccination status and share health records and relevant data on a need basis.

IBM continues hybrid cloud acquisition spree

IBM will acquire Finnish Company – Nordcloud, which engages in the application transformation, implementation, and managed services in Europe. The takeover allows the customers to manage services in private and public clouds, and the IT arena.

SVP (Cloud Application Innovation) of IBM, John Granger said the takeover of Nordcloud allows the clients to enjoy deep expertise in digital transformations and supports the adoption of the hybrid cloud platform.

Nordcloud is rated as a top-notch provider of native cloud services by Gartner. It also received triple certification from Microsoft Azure, AWS of Amazon, and Google Cloud.

Chairman of Nordcloud, Fernando Herrera said IBM will strengthen its presence in the European market because it already operates ten offices across Europe. IBM can rank on par with Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure in Europe.

IBM also decided to acquire Expertus Technologies and TruQua Enterprises.