SHARE, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) will inaugurate a pop-up clinic on January 24, 2021, in Seattle Headquarters in alliance with VMFS (Virginia Mason Franciscan Health). The company plans to vaccinate 2,000 eligible general public on the first day to fight against coronavirus. Jay Carney, Senior Vice President of Global Corporate Affairs, said its executive will get in touch with the vaccine command center of the Washington State.

It is on the backdrop of Amazon sent a letter to Joe Biden, the US President, expressing its intention to take part in the covid-19 vaccination efforts.

Vaccination for people aged 65 years

People aged 50 and above living in multi-generational households and those aged 65 are allowed to get a vaccination in the state.

Over 800,000 people are employed at Amazon in the US. Over 19,000 workers of Amazon in the US are suffering from coronavirus as of September 2020. The vaccine against COVID-19 is vital to safeguard its employees and keep its warehouses operational.

Seeks to change date of unionization vote in Alabama

Amazon reached federal labor authorities urging to reconsider their decision to allow a mail-in vote because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Instead, it asked the agency to postpone the voting for unionization at its Alabama warehouse and requested for in-person voting.

As per the decision of NLRB, the ballots will be mailed to around 6,000 employees of the Alabama warehouse on February 8, 2021. Amazon submitted a letter on Thursday to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to consider its decision for allowing in-person voting. In its filing, Amazon said the decision of NLRB is flawed and not clearly defined about coronavirus.

Maintains warm relations with Democratic Party

Amazon cozied to the Biden’s Democratic Party through donations. Its executives and political action committees threw their money to the campaign trail of Biden. Jay Carney, a top spokesperson of Amazon, said the company maintains hearty relations with Biden. However, it may not guarantee a smooth road ahead for the company in the upcoming four years. The company expects to face issues like stronger privacy standards, antitrust reforms, and a new push for the rights of workers from the Biden administration. Amazon will keep a close guard on the moves of the Biden administration on the labor front.