The protracted probe by the EU regarding data sharing transparency between Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) and WhatsApp is almost being resolved. This comes following confirmation by Ireland’s Data Protection Commission that it had sent a draft decision to other EU DPAs at the end of 2020.

EU DPAs to review draft decision on Facebook-WhatsApp data transparency

Following the confirmation, other DPAs can now commence a review process of the decision. There is a need for majority support for the EU data supervisor’s proposal as per the general data protection regulation (GDPR) before finalizing a decision. The DPC draft sent on December 24 to other supervisors is a second such drat that the Irish watchdog has issued in matters touching on cross-border GDPR cases. The watchdog had fined Twitter $500,000 following a probe involving a security breach. However, the Twiter case was straightforward which was a data breach compared to the complexity of assessing transparency in the Facebook case.

The DPC indicated that once the process is complete and a final decision issued it will make it easier for people to know the standard that WhatsApp should follow as per the EU DPAs. 

Facebook criticized over new WhatsApp privacy update

The probe into WhatsApp-Facebook data sharing seems timely following recent criticism over updates to its T&Cs but dates to 2018 when GDPR started working. Following the backlash and the impending probe, WhatsApp has pushed back the privacy policy update to May 15 from February 8. The update involved features allowing users to interact and message with businesses on WhatsApp and Facebook.

In a statement, WhatsApp indicated that they have heard concerns about the recent updates with so much misinformation. As result, this has caused concerns among users and WhatsApp is ready to help users understand facts and the social site’s principles. Facebook had announced last year that it will allow businesses using WhatsApp to store and manage messages through Facebook’s hosting network. A WhatsApp spokesperson indicated that they will continue cooperating with the IDPC as they wait for the final decision.