Reports came out last year indicating Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) plan to buy TikTok. New reports point to the business giant as planning to buy Pinterest, a popular social media site for image sharing. The acquisition talks may have started nicely, but new reports indicate a few challenges stalling the talks.

Company’s plans

The recent hint about Microsoft’s plan to buy the Chinese video-sharing app known as TikTok sparked intense debates, and this time around, it is about Piniterest. The goal had been for the company to take over the US side of the leading app.

Microsoft wants to remain at the top of its game, and the acquisition of a professional networking site known as LinkedIn is one of its signature moves. The current CEO known as Satya Nadella hopes to move the company a notch higher. That is why he has revealed plans to run a social media network that will operate on the company’s pillars of protecting privacy. The official says he understands the essence of propelling the company to a point where it can successfully protect users’ privacy. This official also promises to do everything possible to promote internet safety while at the same time making ser attempts to stop disinformation.

Why is the new acquisition important for the company?

Experts focusing on the company’s plans and progress believe that Microsoft is on track to do great things, such as applying its Azure cloud platform to a bigger scale if everything goes according to plan.

Over the previous week, Pinterest reported about having hit the 459 million mark, a figure that represented a 37% climb from where it was at the same time last year.

Reporters reached out to Pinterest in a quest to have the business comment of some particular areas, a request the business turned down. Microsoft knew about the report but held back when asked by journalists to give its perspective.

Microsoft is looking to make more changes this year, another one being the launch of the first windows 10 feature update. The business guru is looking at the first half of this year to make the new change, but everything goes as planned.