Pinduoduo Inc (NASDAQ:PDD) has shown consumers a different Lunar New Year after providing uninterrupted grocery services and deliveries. Most businesses in China shut down their operations to observe the important holiday, but matters are quite different this time around, considering that Pinduoduo continued working.

Customers applaud the new move

Pinduoduo collaborated with logistics providers and merchants to make its plan work. Most customers found it quite impressive that the business managed to stay open and dispatch orders in a holiday lasting about one week.

Yunda Express, SF Express, and J&T didn’t shut down operations, showing the level of dedication amongst the China Post and courier service providers. Reports indicate that over a million couriers continued with their operations, enabling parcel delivery to the various endpoints.

In a recent interview, an official with China Post gave estimates, outlining that the parcel volumes almost doubled the ones recorded in the previous year.

Advantages of the new shift

The new shift is a good thing for the product consumers who didn’t have to stockpile food and the other essential items they did in the past. Most customers needed to make excellent preparation to get through the new year, but matters turned out differently this time around thanks to Pinduoduo.

Business dynamics keep shifting with technological advancements, and Pinduoduo is undoubtedly leading the way in embracing the most impressive and exciting changes. The Pinduoduo platform has been developed remarkably, making it easy for consumers to purchase everything they need effortlessly. A consumer needs a smartphone to order for any item he/she needs at any given time, and thus one could order from the comfort of his home or anywhere else.

The Coronavirus outbreak has caused most people to be careful about how they go about their everyday business. Millions of people see Pinduoduo’s move as quite helpful when they are battling the Coronavirus. Most people want o stay put because a lot of movement could mean a further spread of the disease. The online platform has been dependable, helping customers buy presents and send them to various destinations. Persons that want to taste the delicacies of their home town can do so wherever they are because Pinduoduo opens up a world of more possibilities.