The cloud division of Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Google signed a multi-year deal with Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) on Thursday. As per the terms of the deal with Alphabet, Twitter will move its services like Data Processing, Machine Learning, and offline analytics to the Data Cloud of Google. The deal allows Twitter to offer an enhanced experience for the people daily by analyzing data faster on the cloud.

Quick data-informed decisions

The teams at Twitter understand what type of data the users prefer by analyzing their tweets and retweets. Processing of user tweet information on its platform involves several petabytes of data. As part of the relationship with Google, Twitter will use machine learning tools, Cloud Big Table, Data flow, and BigQuery to facilitate data-informed decisions quickly. The microblogging platform will also use these tools for product innovation.

Structured Query Language in BigQuery

Structured Query Language (SQL) in BigQuery can now be used to query the large and custom data processing jobs, which are created by data scientists and engineers. It facilitates a quick understanding of data by both non-technical and technical teams and expedites the time for insight.

Provides relevant data

CTO of Twitter, Parag Agrawal said the initial alliance with Google Cloud helped it to improve the productivity of its engineering teams. The social media platform is banking on this relationship with the technologies of Google and earns to learn more from this data and provide relevant content to the users quickly.

CEO of Cloud division at Google, Thomas Kurian said Google Cloud facilitates it to allow customers to manage their data say from AI to analytics to data. It is pivotal for its growth for several years. The company is pleased to extend its relationship with Twitter for innovation in the future and provide the best experience to the users of the social media platform.

Alphabet shut down floating balloons project

The parent company of Google, Alphabet shut down its project that aims to provide internet to the population in the remote areas using floating balloons.

Alphabet launched the project called Loon in the year 2013 to provide access to the internet across the world.