Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is engaging the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), offering suggestions on how it could best navigate the digital advertising space’s regulation. The encourages the body to resort to a “collaborative” approach, citing that it could reap the Australian businesses and product consumers maximum benefits.

Google’s calls for a more collaborative approach to matters

Google outlines how its business success depends on the success of its partners. The search giant considers the premise mentioned above as a good enough reason to advocate for a healthy digital advertising ecosystem.

The competition watchdog is currently focusing on Google, mainly checking out the advertising technology changes (ad tech). The body wants to reach its conclusions regarding the search giant’s industry-leading position.

Google leaned about the body’s inquiry and has given its statement about the matter. The search considers the ad tech market as the sort with relatively minimal entry barriers. It moves ahead to outline that it is among the many businesses focusing on delivering such a service.

The company speaks out on the associated benefits

Google has disclosed details about how helpful it has been to the content creators and most businesses in Australia through most of its advertising segments. The search giant asserts that it has enabled the parties in question to make about AU$32 billion in benefits every year.

The company has expressed dissatisfaction with ACCC’s Interim Report, outlining its leaves behind gaps in the digital advertising industry space presentation. Google criticizes the body’s focus on web-based open display advertising, outlining its misleading points about the industry dynamics.

The search giant is against any regulatory intervention that kills competition and innovation. The company considers competition and innovation as factors that result in some wide-ranging benefits, wanting the body to rethink its stand.

Google wants ACCC to reconsider how it conducts its interventions, outlining that it might get rather difficult predicting consequences from its moves. The search giant warns that some regulations could end up causing disruptions and some unexpected setbacks. It adds that part of the body’s proposals could pose a negative impact on consumer privacy. The company asks the body to be cautious in its quest to address supply chain capacity issues, warning that might conflict with privacy issues.