The advertising space continues to suffer from a crisis of efficacy. Magazines and newspapers have been languishing for years, and TV ads were killed by the DVR and the internet.

In fact, the internet fragmented audiences and destroyed their innocence. And then it gradually undermined its own delivery mechanism as banners and popups and sidebars crowded themselves into the category of nuisance.

We might go so far as to say: the internet is a practice course for learned hatred of ads.

And no matter how much AI you pack into that reality, you’re talking about a weak and diluted system experiencing inevitable diminishing returns.

This entire evolutionary trajectory has a destination: trusted opinion. We are slowly but surely moving toward the overt cultural recognition of the fact that the only truly powerful way to make someone like something new or trust one brand over another, short of personal experience, is by having someone they trust tell them how great it is or demonstrate an aspirational vision of daily life that includes that new product or brand.

And there’s only one way to do that at scale when rolling out a new brand: influencers.

Popular social media influencers are, by definition, people whose opinions, habits, tips & tricks, and personal stories are followed and trusted by massive audiences. Which is why the future of marketing, branding, and advertising is coordinated messaging through an army of popular influencers.

And there’s only one pure-play publicly traded company that has real traction on a global scale in that game: Clubhouse Media Group Inc (OTCMKTS:CMGR).

And, this week, one of CMGR’s standout influencers is helping to drive the company toward and increasingly dominant position in the space: Lindsay Brewer.

Burning Up the Track

A rising star in global competitive motorsports, Brewer is widely believed to have the potential to emerge as only the third female Formula One competitor ever, and the first to come from the U.S. She’s a model, an athlete, and a social media icon, with over 2 million followers.

And she’s a key part of the Clubhouse Media Group Inc (OTCMKTS:CMGR) team.

Earlier this year, CMGR announced that Brewer was partnering with the legendary Skip Barber Racing School, one of the largest automotive education and entertainment companies and one of the most successful motorsports racing schools in the world, to get back on the track and re-debut her professional motorsports career.

After gaining attention and traction as a teenager in motorsports, and then taking a four-year break for college (a business degree from San Diego State University), Brewer returned to pro racing this year, participating in her first TC America Series Race this past weekend at Sonoma Raceway in California.

She was the toast of the event for the CBS viewing audience and finished in the top-ten. She also recorded the third-fastest lap time in qualifying runs. That’s after just a few weeks of training after her return to the track.

“This is a different type of racing for Lindsay, at a new track and in a new car, and she still came out strong, rising in rankings between day 1 and day 2 and setting the third fastest lap time to qualify on practice day,” said Clubhouse Media Group President, Chris Young. “Clubhouse Media, as her lead sponsor, couldn’t be more thrilled with her performance and her strong re-debut and we see big things happening for Lindsay in racing this year.”

According to the release, Brewer was a feature focus in the CBS broadcast of the event, mentioned repeatedly. She has also noted that she may participate in on-air commentary at racing events in the near future.

It’s not difficult to imagine that step. She’s already a brand with a huge platform. Networks will be dying to get her on camera and creating value in broadcasts.

Simon Yu, Clubhouse Media COO, noted, “Lindsay is destined for greatness and a bright spotlight. The Series is underway, and we will be right there with her, which will allow Clubhouse Media the opportunity to dramatically expand our own reach through access to over 100 million viewers as part of the SRO World Challenge. That represents tremendous visibility on-site at major international events alongside prominent global brands.”

The Big Point

Clubhouse Media Group Inc (OTCMKTS:CMGR) is positioned as perhaps the emerging leader in the influencer-based marketing space among publicly traded companies. Scaling that advantage and driving increasing dominance is a function of a widening reach, diversifying end-market footprint, and executing key deals that deliver value.

A star like Lindsay Brewer, who is identified with Clubhouse Media publicly, and is capable of making CMGR’s other influencers more influential by association, is a critical part of that recipe.

Gaining access to a spotlight directing 200 million eyeballs, and then executing like a champion, is a huge win for Lindsay and for CMGR.

This is likely something that will become increasingly clear once we gain more information about the monetization process for Clubhouse Media.

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