Microsoft remains to be one of the most dynamic companies worldwide in serving users with wide-ranging communication apps. The company owns some of the most popular messenger platforms such as Teams and Skype. The company wants to expand its consumer offerings, and the latest has to do with negotiations geared towards acquiring a communications platform known as Discord.

Talks still underway

Sources indicate that the talks haven’t yet gotten to the advanced stages, and thus Discord could decide otherwise. For example, Discord has every right to abandon the current plans and instead choose to go public.

However, new reports give a new twist to the state of affairs. The accounts provide that Microsoft moved into “exclusive” talks with Discord and that the negotiations are in advanced stages. There are chances that a deal might be struck as soon as next month if matters play out according to plan.

The ultimate truth is that Discord still enjoys the freedom to choose whether to continue with the deal or cancel it. The cancelation of the agreement still presents Discord with an attractive option, in which case it might choose to go public. In other words, it would be wrong for anyone to term the deal; in question, a closed chapter.

Microsoft’s success in the acquiring of Discord would be a significant game-changer, according to market observers. The company has everything it needs to succeed in this regard. That is considering the platform’s rise in popularity amongst gamers and the many persons wanting to create their communities.

Discord is a worthy investment

Discord has risen quite fast in popularity, closely attributed to how small companies turn to it as a communication strategy. Such businesses undertake direct interactions with customers, and they also get to share their announcements with customers. The platform has also brought about the possibility of the various customers interacting with each other.

Microsoft takes great pride in having a market valuation of about $1.7 trillion, and it seeks to boost the figure in the future. It plans to acquire a new platform that will enable it to get in touch with more consumers, and the close of the current deal would help it reach its goal.