T-Mobile faces sharp criticism for contradicting itself. This business keeps encouraging users to resort to the 5G network, but its support documents have been showing otherwise.

The company invested billions on 5G

T-Mobile invested billions in its quest to expand its 5G network, and everyone thought the company wouldn’t be going back on its word. The company is in a conflicted position, so it isn’t sure about what to prioritize. The company needs to give users a way to go about the whole battery life issues.

T-Mobile has, in several instances, addressed users, asking them to turn off 5G as a solution to countre the battery life issues. Verizon Communications Inc (NYSE:VZ) was also caught up in the same issues earlier and dealt with them awkwardly. People expected T-Mobile would have learned from Verizon, but it didn’t. The company plunges users into a state of confusion, with most undecided on what works well for them.

The company asks users to turn off 5G

According to experts, the move to turn off the 5G network would render gadgets useless for internet connectivity. Most experts hold a strong stand that switching off 5G is an unreasonable way to address issues. They believe that battery life issues can be resolved in many different ways instead of making the desperate move to turn off 5G.

As part of offering alternative solutions, T-Mobile appealed to users to embrace the use of a 2G network. Sources indicate that the company moved ahead to demonstrate to users how to deploy the 2G network.

Resorting o the 2G connection would mean turning to a theoretical speed of about 1Mbps, which doesn’t offer an outstanding experience.

It is crucial to outline that FTC has its set standards, in which case it has enlisted the acceptable broadband speeds. The 1Mbps doesn’t meet the criteria and thus doesn’t qualify as an ideal speed for users.

Experts also regard the 1Mbps speed as 300 times slower than what the company has been bragging about all along-the 5G mid-band speeds.

It is a somewhat confusing time for users who aren’t sure about the company’s true intentions. There have been reports spreading across about the company’s concerted efforts to eliminate the 2G signals for good, but only time will tell.