Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) will on Tuesday unveil a new app called Stack. The experimental app will enable users to organize their paperwork digitally. The new app’s working requires that the user snaps an ID, bill, or any other physical document he/she has and letting Stack organizes the rest.

The working of the latest app

The new app scans the documents automatically and then categorizes everything. The user gains more straightforward access to information, considering how this app effectively organizes and presents the most pertinent details.

Google discloses essential information about how Stack works. The app can recognize crucial information such as the due date and even naming a document. The most outstanding attribute is how it simplifies matters for users in the information searches. It is an easy process in which the users conduct the search using certain information such as the due date to cases any scanned text section.

Google understands the great need among most people to back up their documents, and the app wall takes this need into account. The user needs to follow a few logical steps to back up his/her documents to Google Drive. The important thing about such backups is that the user gets to access his/her information even after he/she quits using Stack.

Most of the company’s product enthusiasts have been looking forward to enjoying technological advancement. These people consider Stack to be a pretty exciting theory that will enhance their lives.

Users need to keep their expectations in check

However, matters aren’t straightforward, according to the blog post that made the pronouncement. The post describes Stack as an app still in the experimental phase, and thus people don’t have to invest so much hope in Stack until the tail end of matters. Users need to understand that experimental apps are works in progress, and anything could happen along the way.

Most app users seek to customize their security, and one of the best ways would be to scan one’s fingerprint or face. Taking such an approach ensures your security before you log in, and thus others can’t mess up with your crucial information. This company’s in-house incubator, known as Area 120, was the point of the app development.