Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) is ready for Parler’s comeback. The popular app has made several changes to earn its place in Apple’s iOS app store, triggering the company to give its approval.

The role of the app

Apple has been working on several strategies geared towards the moderation of incitement and hate speech. It is an advancement that makes fate speech detection easy and thus putting the company in total control.

Parler happens to be a rather popular app among conservatives. The wave of change will enable the interested parties to download the app on their Apple devices once again.

Apple sent out its letter to Rep. Ken Buck and Sen. Mike Lee, informing them about the recent changes. The letter detailed the removal of the app from Apple’s platform and the reasons behind the move. Parler violated the policies in place, but its return seems guaranteed following the move to introduce some proposed updates. The change involves content moderation efforts that will help eliminate hate speech and other vices.

In April, Apple’s app review team reached out to Parler, showing its satisfaction with the proposed changes. Apple seems impressed with Parler’s updated app, terming the changes sufficient. Apple spoke about the app’s availability, outlining that those in need might download it immediately after Parler unveils the app.

Parler and its support for the free exchange of ideas

Parler plans to unveil its product on April 26. It says that the Apple version of Parler will be a remarkable product with more enhanced capabilities. The product will be more selective, blocking some of Parler’s posts as part of the new moderations.

Parler’s interim CEO Mark Meckler has spoken out regarding the new changes, applauding the platform as one of the few reliable and free forums. The official says that he will continue focusing on promoting the free exchange of ideas among users. Meckler refers to the United States Constitution, outlining how its First Amendment advocates for the free exchange of ideas. He sees the app as an essential tool in pushing for the free exchange of ideas in the country.