Cisco Systems Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) has signed a multi-year partnership with the National Football League (NFL), making Cisco the Official NFL Technology Partner.

Cisco to create a Connected League Platform

According to terms of the partnership, Cisco will leverage its industry-leading expertise in developing a Connected League platform with the NFL, which will unify the league in a single foundation of connectivity with enhanced speed, security, and intelligence. The NFL has been working in a singular converged network since 2008, which will enable city avenues to have enhanced network infrastructure supporting standard gameday operations. The NFL’s original plans focused on network infrastructure for select building, but they later changed to a league-wide architecture that will enhance technology capabilities nationwide.

Chuck Robbins, Cisco CEO and Chairman, said that NFL shares the company’s vision that a connected world will offer massive opportunities, and they are delighted to be the Official Technology Partner of the NFL. Robbins said that when NFL started its sports and entertainment journey years back, they were certain that the right tech could shape fan experience, and with the partnership, there is progress towards having a dynamic future.

Currently, Cisco’s networking infrastructure supports replay control rooms across the NFL. They are connected to the New York City-based Art McNally gameday Central. Notably, around two-thirds of all NFL stadiums currently operate on Cisco tech.

NFL delighted to have Cisco as tech partner

Michelle McKenna, NFL Chief Information Officer, said that they are delighted to bring Cisco on board as NFL’s official partner. She said that for years the league has relied on Cisco, and it is a natural fit that they are now the official NFL tech partner. McKenna said that in an increasingly digital society, reliability, speed, and security are key to the NFL’s success, and they are delighted to bring Cicso leadership on board to enhance fans’ experience.

Brian Eaton, Global Sponsorship Director, said that Cisco has deep experience in creating an innovative solution that has enabled the sports industry to deliver superior experiences to fans, drive incremental income and streamline business operations.