Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE) CEO Albert Bourla has said that people will need a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccines, a booster dose, within 12 months after being vaccinated. He said that there is a possibility that people will need to be vaccinated annually against the coronavirus.

Vaccinated individuals may need a third booster dose after six months

Bourla said that a possible scenario will be that people will need a third dose of the vaccines after six to 12 months, and then from there, it can be getting vaccinated annually. However, this needs to be reconfirmed because the different coronavirus variants will play a role. He said that it is vital to suppress the group of people susceptible to the coronavirus. With the COVID-19 threat, expectations and hopes are hinging on how fast societies can return to normalcy, with vaccines offering hope or reopening in the US.

Recently, David Kessler, COVID-19 response team chief scientist in the Biden administration, alluded to the possibility of people needing a third booster vaccine dose to protect against the spread of the coronavirus. In a hearing before US legislators, Kessler said that there is little known, and studies are ongoing regarding the antibody response duration.

Pfizer conducting studies on effects of third vaccine dose

In February, Pfizer had indicated that they were carrying clinical trials to evaluate the effects of the third dose of their dose. Their vaccine variant produced in partnership with BioNTech is given in two doses and has 91% efficacy against the coronavirus. The shot is 95% effective against severe disease for around six months after receiving the second vaccine dose. Also, Moderna’s vaccine, which employs the same tech as Pfizer’s vaccines, is effective at six months.

Interestingly, it is not clear how long the vaccine can protect against the virus once fully vaccinated. This is a matter that health organizations and pharmaceutical companies are closely studying. Researchers indicate there is a need for more studies to establish whether the protection will last after six months.