Verizon Communications Inc (NYSE:VZ) home 5G has widened its bandwidth to more US cities. Verizon home users in Tampa and parts of Milwaukee can now subscribe to the 5G broadband. This comes weeks after a similar 5G expansion by Verizon’s first respondent-focused network, FirstNet.

Why this is good news

5G is not just faster than the already fast 4G. It is so fast that there are still no devices on the market that can take advantage of its full capabilities.

Since Verizon home is targeted at multiple home devices and not just cell phones, 4G gets a bit slow when many people are online. This is not the case with 5G.

With speeds of up to 1Gb/s, 5G is the perfect technology for smart homes. In fact, 5G was developed with a smart ecosystem in mind. The speed is so fast that it would be wasteful to use them on downloads or streaming videos.

Verizon 5G is especially because it gives users unlimited data plans with no daily caps. This will just be like Verizon Home LTE with 50 times the speed.

Unlimited possibilities

With AI, 5G can keep all your smart appliances connected. Your refrigerator can tell when you’re out of milk and automatically add it to the shopping list on your smartphone. It can allow you to schedule trickle charging for your electric car in the garage from your Alexa or Siri.

While many Android devices are still not 5G capable, most flagship smartphones, including iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, have 5G. Even for users without 5G cellular devices, they can still use Verizon routers and have wireless that can clock speeds that equal if not beat fiber optic cables.

Verizon also included an option for an unlimited 5G mobile data plan for Verizon Home 5G users for an extra $20 a month. This will ensure that these customers have consistent 5G speeds even when they’re not at home. This offer will be available even for New Verizon 5G customers.