Verizon Communications Inc (NYSE:VZ) inked a deal with ABP (Associated British Ports) to offer private 5G services at the Port of Southampton. The company is offering this innovative wireless network in alliance with Nokia (NYSE:NOK).

Port of Southampton’s busiest port in the UK facilitates exports goods worth GBP 40 billion annually. It is the critical supply chain supporting manufacturers and businesses across the nation.

POS becomes the first port to receive 5G

The Port of Southampton (POS) also handles millions of passengers every year and supports 900,000 cars. Following Verizon’s deal, POS becomes the first port in the UK to access the latest 5G technology.

CEO of Verizon business, Tami Erwin, said the private 5G of Verizon lays the foundation for edge computing infrastructure. The deployment of low latency 5G allows deep customization and a higher security layer for its partners.

ABP and other ports are under immense pressure to provide their services at higher speeds to benefit from evolving business opportunities. Tami said Verizon can cater to the needs of ABP in alliance with Nokia to provide full benefits of the new technology along with real-time analytics.

Benefits of secure and reliable private 5G

Verizon offers a secure and reliable private 5G wireless network in selected locations within the West and East Docks of POS. It allows a consolidated data network for secure and reliable communications and reduces the previous complexity.

The 5G wireless network deployment tackles various problems like onsite data communications loss because of poor wireless connectivity. New 5G provides a reliable, ultra-low latency and throughput for IoT (Internet of Things), real-time analytics, and ML (Machine Learning). It promotes advances in services like autonomous guided vehicles, asset tracking, safety monitoring, and predictive maintenance.

CEO of ABP, Henrik L. Pedersen, said a resilient and flexible technology is vital for meeting its customers’ needs. It is a milestone achievement for POS to offer private 5G network to customers in the UK.

SVP (Verizon Business Group) of Nokia, Brian Fitzgerald, said 5G services will be fully utilized worldwide as the industries adopt them soon. Nokia is committed to supporting Verizon in expanding the presence of 5G for partners like ABP.