Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has expressed its openness to embrace the flexible hybrid system. This new strategy continues growing significantly in popularity among most of the leading corporations because of the flexibility that it presents. The operational system involves employees spending a few days in an office and rest in remote working joints. 

Workers’ reactions

The employees continue to express diverse opinions regarding Google’s move. Some show reservations, whereas others prefer the old way. A section of the employees prefer the plan and seek to work from the less expensive areas to cut down expenses.

Managers face a massive task ahead because they need to strike a good balance between empathy and handling the competing interests the best way. Remoter work might seem a cool thing for most employees, but analysts project that most managers will continue pushing to get all workers working under one roof. 

Pichai speaks out on the new return-to-work program

The company’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, delivered an internal message to the search company’s employees, letting them know how he intends to carry out the process. Pichai says that 60% of the employees will work in the office for a couple of days a week, and another 20% will be directed to the company’s new offices. The remaining employees, which add up to 20%, will continue to work remotely.

Pichai considers remote working to be a significant shift among workers who have gotten accustomed to working in the company’s offices over the years. Those workers have been helping the company solve interesting issues from different areas. Some of the common areas include a whiteboard, a café, and a cricket or beach volleyball event. 

The CEO considers the   Google community to be rather massive, citing that it comprises the company’s campuses. He says that the campuses happen to be rather crucial to the Google community, adding that many employees still want to spend more time on the campuses. 

Pichai also speaks out on the different aspirations of his team members, outlining that they have different interests. Some of the employees love the idea of working remotely for a few days. The other lot wants to work from a different city for some time or even become permanent workers from those new locations.