American Express Company (NYSE: AXP) introduces a feature that will allow customers to start shopping instantly with an approved card as Americans increasingly seek fast services across all industries. 

Amex cardholders can now shop online using instant cards. 

Customers will not need a physical card to add an instant card number to their digital wallets or instantly shop online. A survey revealed that 60% of eligible Amex cardholders would love to have the instant card number once the company approves their application. A representative to the company said that the survey indicated that most consumers are looking for fast payment alternatives as online shopping continues to grow considerably. 

Most importantly, the main advantage is PayPal’s inclusion in the program, which will accept the instant card numbers when members are shopping online. This will allow consumers to enjoy the American Express membership benefits immediately.  Equally, shoppers can connect their Amex cards to Google Pay, Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay, and Samsung Pay. 

Amex has been listening to customers to evolve its product offering. 

The instant card feature is among the notable updates Amex has made in response to evolving consumer needs. At the beginning of this year, after reintroducing the rose gold card, the company’s EVP global premium products and benefits Rachel Stocks said that the company would continue evolving its card portfolio and come up with ways of listening to customers to address their needs. 

Stocks had previously indicated that the company’s approach has been listening to its card members regularly evolve offers and cards to ensure Amex is engaging and supporting them in the most important segments. She said that at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company witnessed a shift in its card member’s spending. As a result, the company has been listening to customer’s needs. It has quickly adapted its products and services to support their at-home lifestyles, including introducing new offerings across business essentials, grocery, and streaming & wireless.