General Electric (NYSE:GE)  seeks to spark major transformations in smart industrial machines and systems, which is why it has struck a collaboration with Verizon Communications Inc (NYSE:VZ). There is a great need to develop a perfect testbed, and GE vows to do everything with its means to achieve this goal. Verizon has expressed its willingness to support GE’s plans to come up with cross-industry testbed. 

GE needs a 5G Ultra Wideband in its undertakings, but that won’t be a matter of concern because Verizon is willing to support the move. GE’s technology development arm will be doing much of the work. 

Abate speaks out on the developments

GE’s technology officer Vic Abate seems rather excited with Verizon as a partner. He believes that his company forms a great team with Verizon and looks forward to better times ahead. The official speaks out on GE’s determination to rise and become a force to reckon with in 5G innovation. 

Abate terms the moment a revolutionary one for the industrial world. The official seems pretty excited about the availability of reliable and flexible networks to facilitate industrial devices’ connection in a unique way. He asks users to anticipate changes that will enable them to enjoy higher speeds, greater scalability, and more flexibility. 

Erwin’s perspective on Verizon’s 5G platform capabilities

The CEO of Verizon Business, Tami Erwin, applauds Verizon’s 5G platform capabilities, terming them the best testbed for the research team entrusted with the undertakings. He exudes confidence in GE’s research team, outlining that it got all it takes to succeed in establishing real-time solutions with the capacity to bring a great shift to all industries. 

Erwin believes that GE had perfect timing in making its move, terming it rather appropriate. GE’s move focuses on the set up of an outstanding infrastructure that relies upon stable pillars. Analysts cite 5G, the broadband cloud, and mobility as the most important tenets about the infrastructure. 

The operation of industrial machines will get easier with the deployment of the 5G network. It will be about utilizing fast speeds and low latency required for running the industrial machines. Slow Wi-Fi connections occur in most cases because of heavy traffic, but 5G will change things.