Uber Technologies Inc. (NYSE: UBER) has partnered with electric car manufacturers Arrival to create a purpose-built-EV for Uber drivers.  Already Arrival has developed an electric “skateboard” platform that can be employed with various vehicle types.

Uber working on its electric vehicle 

The EV startup’s first models are delivery vans and buses, and so far, UPS has ordered around 10,000 delivery vans. However, details about the Uber electric car are still scant and under development. Arrival will reveal the final car design by the end of this year, with production scheduled to begin Q3 2023. Uber indicated that the top priorities are passenger and driver comfort, and a version of the design predicts a pod-like car with a roomy back seat.  Interestingly, Uber drivers will contribute to the car’s design process to ensure the car’s development as per their needs. 

Last year, the ride-hailing giant promised to become a fully electric platform in London by 2025, by 2030 in Europe and North America, and globally by 2040. Uber is making good of that promise. It recently launched Uber Green, which offers passengers the chance to select an electric vehicle at no extra cost and drivers the opportunity to pay the low service fee. This is part of the $800 million initiative to get more EV drivers. 

Uber focusing on becoming a fully electric platform by 2030

Recently Uber ended its in-house self-driving tech development with a focus on becoming an all-electric platform. However, during the announcement for the EV development, there was no mention of the autonomous driving capability. 

Uber plans to double the EV drivers number by the end of this year, and it has kicked incentives for drivers by helping them finance or buy new vehicles. Interestingly the Arrival vehicles could be among the recommended cars for Uber drivers seeking to switch into electric, especially those in London that qualify for “EV Assistance” through the Clean Air Plan. 

Already Arrival is setting up “microfactories” in the UK and North Carolina and expects to commence manufacture from next year,