Across the country, states are beginning to declare an end to mask and social distancing mandates as the percentage of the population now vaccinated approaches a level within the “herd immunity” range and case numbers, hospitalizations, and deaths related to Covid-19 trend lower and lower in the US.

While this is hardly the case all around the world, it certainly is something to celebrate for Americans as we approach Independence Day.

You have likely noticed traffic levels jumping and your favorite local hotspots filling up with smiling visible faces.

This is also an important threshold for investors as it means the family fun spots that were hit so hard during the pandemic last year finally have an opportunity start driving serious revenue growth again.

This has significant implications for major theme parks like Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS), but it also marks a powerful turning point for smaller operations in the family fun industry like Dave & Buster’s Entertainment Inc (NASDAQ:PLAY), Amfil Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:FUNN), and AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc (NYSE:AMC).

Dave & Buster’s Entertainment Inc (NASDAQ:PLAY) bills itself as the owner and operator of 141 venues in North America that combine entertainment and dining and offer customers the opportunity to “Eat Drink Play and Watch,” all in one location.

Dave & Buster’s offers a full menu of entrées and appetizers, a complete selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and an extensive assortment of entertainment attractions centered around playing games and watching live sports and other televised events. Dave & Buster’s currently has stores in 40 states, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Dave & Buster’s Entertainment Inc (NASDAQ:PLAY) most recently announced financial results for its first quarter of fiscal year 2021, which ended on May 2, 2021, including notes that revenues totaled $265.3 million compared with $159.8 million in the first quarter of 2020 and $363.6 million in the first quarter of 2019, overall comparable store sales declined 35% compared with the same period in 2019, and comparable store sales at fully operational stores declined 17% compared with the same period in 2019.

Brian Jenkins, Dave & Buster’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “The strength and resilience of the Dave & Buster’s brand has never been more evident. We saw a significant improvement in demand across our store base in the first quarter, including at our recently re-opened New York and California stores. We generated $265 million in total sales, surpassing the top end of our expected range for the quarter, and established a new high-water mark in our post-Covid sales recovery. This strong sales rebound, coupled with our lean operating model, drove outstanding profit flow-through during the quarter, and generated $72 million in EBITDA, only 19% below the first quarter of 2019.”

The stock has suffered a bit of late, with shares of PLAY taking a hit in recent action, down about -12% over the past week.

Dave & Buster’s Entertainment Inc (NASDAQ:PLAY) managed to rope in revenues totaling $265.3M in overall sales during the company’s most recently reported quarterly financial data — a figure that represents a rate of top line growth of 66%, as compared to year-ago data in comparable terms. In addition, the company is battling some balance sheet hurdles, with cash levels struggling to keep up with current liabilities ($20.2M against $279.2M, respectively).

Amfil Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:FUNN) bills itself as a company that engages in the acquisition and creation of income generating private companies and optimizing operations under the Amfil Technologies umbrella. It also seeks to achieve long-term financial returns consisting of regular dividend income, benefiting from preferential tax treatment, and expecting modest mid-to-long term capital growth.

Amfil Technologies Inc. is the parent company to three wholly owned subsidiaries: Snakes & Lagers Inc. holds the trade name and is the owner of Snakes & Lattes Inc. which currently operates 3 tabletop gaming bars and cafes located in Toronto, Ontario, 2 in Arizona (Tempe, Tucson) and 1 in Chicago, Illinois. FUNN Dispensaries, Inc. is entering the Canadian cannabis dispensary market with its first dispensary expected to open by summer of 2021 and a goal of significant expansion throughout Canada. And Interloc-Kings Inc. is a hardscape construction company servicing the Greater Toronto Area that the company plans to spin-off in the future.

Amfil Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:FUNN) is in the process of expanding its Snakes & Lattes brand throughout North America and was the first board game bar and cafe in North America. It is also believed to be the largest in the world and has the largest circulating public library of board games in North America for customers to choose from.

The company also recently announced the hiring of its new Chief Operating Officer, Aaron McKay, who will support the company in executing its growth strategy and vision.

“Aaron brings decades of restaurant and management experience to this role,” said Ben Castanie, Snakes & Lattes founder. “Aaron’s discipline and sense of organization coupled to a deep understanding of our business makes him the ideal candidate to lead operations of the organization.  His expertise will be critical in driving growth of the Snakes & Lattes brand.”

“As we shift our focus to reopening and expansion, we have a unique opportunity to help people connect with one another after the year we’ve had,” said McKay. “Nothing makes me happier than seeing a room full of people laughing, playing games, and connecting over terrific food and drinks.  I’m excited to bring that feeling to as many people as possible by growing the brand and continually making ourselves better every day.”

Amfil Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:FUNN) managed to rope in revenues totaling $736K in overall sales during the company’s most recently reported quarterly financial data — a figure that represents the struggle of this industry during a pandemic. Now that we are in full reopening mode, the company can likely look forward to a jump in foot traffic, sales growth, and brand traction ahead.

AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc (NYSE:AMC) frames itself as the largest movie exhibition company in the United States, the largest in Europe and the largest throughout the world with approximately 950 theatres and 10,500 screens across the globe.

AMC has propelled innovation in the exhibition industry by: deploying its Signature power-recliner seats; delivering enhanced food and beverage choices; generating greater guest engagement through its loyalty and subscription programs, web site and mobile apps; offering premium large format experiences and playing a wide variety of content including the latest Hollywood releases and independent programming.

AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc (NYSE:AMC) most recently announced information about share and shareholder counts ahead of a shareholder meeting, including that there were 501,780,240 shares outstanding as of June 2, 2021, the record date for the Shareholder Meeting scheduled for July 29, 2021, and that, as of June 2, there were approximately 4.1 million1 individual shareholders eligible to vote at the upcoming Shareholder Meeting.

Commenting about the share count, AMC President and CEO Adam Aron said, “The number of investors who want to own a part of AMC continues to increase and now stands at approximately 4.1 million. More than 80% of AMC shares are held by a broad base of retail investors with an average holding of around 120 shares. Some hold more and some hold less, however, each and every shareholder is important to AMC. Each shareholder has a critical role to play in AMC’s future by having their voice heard by voting at our upcoming Shareholder Meeting. By voting in favor of the proposals, together we can help position AMC, in its 101st year of business, for continued success over the next century.”

If you’re long this stock, then you’re liking how the stock has responded to the announcement. AMC shares have been moving higher over the past week overall, pushing about 12% to the upside on above average trading volume. Shares of the stock have powered higher over the past month, rallying roughly 341% in that time on strong overall action characterized by rampant participation by Reddit traders and severe short covering from hedge funds.

AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc (NYSE:AMC) generated sales of $148.3M, according to information released in the company’s most recent quarterly financial report. That adds up to a sequential quarter-over-quarter growth rate of -8.7% on the top line. In addition, the company is battling some balance sheet hurdles, with cash levels struggling to keep up with current liabilities ($842.1M against $1.6B, respectively).