Capital has been lining up for leisure and entertainment names as the developed world undergoes the extended process of reopening and recovery from the pandemic. But investors have largely driven this group to extreme valuations, with speculative names getting more than a showing on the leaderboards.

However, one speculative stock in the space that has yet to have its turn in the spotlight, despite having potentially remarkable growth prospects, is All For One Media Corp (OTCMKTS:AFOM). Yes, this is a pink sheet play. And yes, the company is still working to get current on filings.

But those points may simply help to explain why the stock is so underpriced relative to its apparent commercial potential – those are the excuses for the disparity between the stock’s chart and its apparently strong commercial prospects.

AFOM is an entertainment and media branding company with a major motion picture out on all major streaming platforms and a girl group with global top-tier potential set to take market share in the $250 billion tween market.

Some Background

All For One Media Corp (OTCMKTS:AFOM) is positioned nicely for the return of capital to entertainment names because its operations are tied to the movie industry through Drama Drama, the company’s recently released major motion picture.

Drama Drama features five teen girl performers with loads of talent who navigate the archetypal social pitfalls, challenges, and opportunities so central to the high school experience.

The movie has received rave reviews from the most demographically appropriate sources, including J-14, the magazine Amazon ranks as #1 for tween girls. J-14’s review called Drama Drama “our new movie musical obsession”. The review also compared the film to High School Musical, and added, “there’s no way you can watch without getting Drama Drama’s songs stuck in your head”.

But the story for AFOM is about much more than just a movie: The stars of this movie are also the stars of the girl group, Drama Drama. And, according to a recent release from the company, that group is about to start releasing new songs following the hit debut of the movie.

Prime Time

All For One Media Corp (OTCMKTS:AFOM) recently announced that its new motion picture, Drama Drama, is now available on Amazon Prime and can be streamed for free over the leading SVOD platform by Amazon’s 200 million subscribers.

AFOM’s CEO, Brian Lukow stated, “We plan on releasing Drama Drama through several windows, and we are excited that so many Amazon Prime customers will now have access to the movie. We have received tremendous feedback so far. This is resonating with our target audience – the story, the girls, the songs, the choreography – and we look forward to watching these talented young ladies reach an entire generation of girls.”

According to the release, for those without an Amazon Prime account, Drama Drama will remain available for a rental fee of $4.95 across more than two dozen TVOD (Transactional Video on Demand) platforms.

The company also noted that the Drama Drama soundtrack is currently available on all major music streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. On August 1, Drama Drama is due to release the group’s first new single since the debut of the movie.

That’s later this week.

Around the Corner

The big point for this stock is that it hasn’t run with the group in a strong group move. We would assume that has something to do with its being behind on financial filings. But the company’s operational state is clearly set on “all systems go”, so it’s extremely likely that the company is in the process of getting current on filings.

Those headlines should come. And, at this point, they may be appearing alongside headlines about hit albums, international tours, and a movie sequel running on every major platform and driving strong merchandise sales.

That may be a view around the corner for AFOM. If so, speculators may want to pay attention to the stock now, rather than after the horse has left the barn.