Investors looking to buy profitable brands on, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) are giving rise to bidding wars because of the intense competition to locate the next big thing.

What are most investors focusing on? The numerous small to mid-sized business operations have been created recently to sell goods on Amazon’s marketplace. These businesses are being bought by aggregators, which are Wall Street-backed startups. These aggregators are going in with the belief that the teams of e-comm professionals at their disposal will help transform the products being sold by these businesses into global brands.

Since April 2020, over 60 of these said aggregators managed to raise nearly $6 billion, according to a New York company that analyzes and monitors the site known as Market Pulse. As the market gets hotter, their main goal is to find up-and-coming businesses with staying power and reasonable price tags.

What is Foundry up to?

Foundry, a new entrant, recently announced that they had secured funding of $100 million from Monogram Capital Partners and LightBay Capital, both private-equity firms based in Los Angeles, California. The organization hopes that its team, which consists of Hellen Vaid, a former e-comm executive at Walmart, and Stefan Haney, a former Amazon executive, will stand out when it comes to helping online brands grow their business.  

Foundry wants to help sellers go beyond the Amazon marketplace to some of the other popular marketplaces in the world. They even want to eventually help the merchants get their products on the shelves of physical retail stores where a lot of the shopping is still done.

The Prosper Show

The Prosper Show being held this week will display how heated the competition to acquire up-and-coming online brands is. This is an annual gathering that’s held in Las Vegas, Nevada, where Amazon merchants exchange some of the tricks they use. The show typically attracts advertising firms and software companies that help online brands and sellers increase their sales.

The new things in this year’s show will be penthouse parties and exhibition booths set up by aggregators that want to stand out and look different in a crowded market.