If you are an Apple or an Android user? Then there is the bulk of your most used applications in your mobile being made by Google and Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL). The new Comscore study ranks Android and iOS’s preinstalled application popularity and applications made by other developers. Finally, the results show that most people in the US use preinstalled apps on their mobile from either Apple or Google.

Moreover, the first report was commissioned by Apple’s one of the loudest analysts, Facebook.

According to the report, preinstalled services like this completely dominate when it comes to basic applications like clocks, photos, and weather—Moreover, the report indicates that this will be hard for other applications to compete.

Google and Apple are Increasingly Under Inspection for Favoring their Own Preinstalled Services

Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) intended that Apple and Google are increasingly under inspection to assist their own preinstalled services over competitors. Furthermore, currently, US legislators are examining a new set of bills formulated to deter the strength of Big Tech, along with the constitution that could block Google and Apple from providing their services against opponents.

Some of their competitors think it’s unfair while Google and Apple bundle their services with their mobile OS. Moreover, this criticism is severe against iOS, given more hard controls the applications that arrive preinstalled on the mobile and don’t let developers evade its App Store.

Similarly, it has been hard to realize how famous these apps from their service are relative to applications made by the third-party creators since Google and Apple don’t divulge consumer numbers for their reinstalled apps. Besides, there is a research organization to track the application’s popularity available for download. Still, Comscore’s study is the first bold endeavor to track how preinstalled applications compete with other developers.

Apple’s Report

Apple opposed the report’s outcome. Apple called the report ‘seriously flawed.’ However, an Apple spokesperson said that a narrowly modified survey gives an inaccurate impression. Also, he adds the third-party applications compete with Apple’s applications in every category and admires success.