Green Stream Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:GSFI) is particularly interesting right now, and the chart is starting to show it. While we have seen some resistance come into play on breakout attempts, shows this to be a short-side attack on the stock, with over 13 million shares shorted in one day alone.

The big evolution in this story pits it at the intersection of the solar and electric vehicle markets, which is an intersection of themes that more or less defines perhaps the biggest growth opportunity for investors over the next decade.

Both Gasoline and Crude Oil prices have more than doubled over the past 8 months. Both are now pain points for consumers, governments, and the global economy, and analysts say that is only going to worsen in the months ahead as demand rises with reopening, US shale producers stay mostly shuttered, and OPEC sits idly by or falls into policy paralysis from internal squabbles.

The net result of all of these trends is a strengthening macro tailwind for both solar power and electric vehicles. And GSFI has recently stepped into the nexus of those themes.

Thematic Potency

Green Stream Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:GSFI) is most directly involved in the solar space. It has an interesting approach, targeting commercial property owners with a surplus of rooftop or sky-facing square footage space for installation of photovoltaic systems to harness energy access at prices outcompeting local utility pricing.

GSFI uses solar power purchase agreements (PPAs) or equipment leasing arrangements with the property owners, and benefits from marginal efficiencies as well as various federal or state tax credits, regulatory agency rebates, and long-term revenue streams generated from the sale of the harnessed electricity.

However, the company also recently put out an announcement that amounts a step into the EV power infrastructure space. Specifically, GSFI most recently announced a new joint venture with Premiere Empire Energy to provide electric charging stations to both company’s clients.

According to the company’s release, Premiere provides EV charging management solutions made easy with premium customer service to its clients.

This move stands to allow their customers to take advantage of valuable rebates available under federal and state sustainability programs; to control access, set pricing, and review real-time data on station usage and performance; and to get help when needed, day or night, with 24/7 support for their customers and their drivers/customers.

James DiPrima, Chief Executive Officer of Green Stream Holdings stated, “This JV should be a substantial revenue driver for both companies. We will build solar and now electric car charging stations collaborating with Premier and our mutual clients. All the while we will be helping to reduce their carbon footprint. We will split net profits on a 50/50 basis. Our plan is to deploy this model nationwide, giving consumers energy-saving options and helping gas stations reduce their carbon footprint.”

The Technical Take

Green Stream Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:GSFI) shares have been acting generally well over multiple time frames, with the stock up about 75% in the past two months and now trading above a flat 50-day moving average.

Recent action has including a major attempted breakout, which was thwarted by a huge influx of shorting – as described above. The stock also recently found support at prior resistance in the $0.06 area.

Shorts have been working overtime to keep the stock in line, but that could backfire before long.