Verrency is a top-notch cloud-based platform that provides hyper-personalized payment services via its Customer Experience Personalization Engine. This global payments platform has come together with Visa Inc (NYSE: V) Fintech Connect to develop hyper-personalized consumer card services to Visa issuers across the APAC industry. Partnering with Visa Fintech Connect will allow Verrency to provide innovative services that will help enhance customer engagement around payment movements. This partnership follows the Visa Ready certification Verrency recently acquired. It also comes after Verrency was recently recognized as the fastest-growing tech firm in Australia by the Deloitte Technology Fast 500.

The program run by Visa Fintech Connect is meant to help issuing clients of Visa connect quickly with both a curated and vetted set of tech service providers. In addition, Verrency’s participation will mean that Visa Issuers will now be able to have cardholders come up with personalized value propositions more easily.

How does senior leadership feel about the partnership?

The company’s APAC Commercial Director, Namita Bhide, said that Verrency was happy to be working hand-in-hand with Visa to come up with cutting-edge innovation services. The company appreciates how dedicated Visa is to providing cardholders with personalized end-customer experiences via this partnership. She said that the partnership wants to encourage real-time customer engagements, increased loyalty, and excellent customer retention. Lastly, Namita further stated that they and Visa were both keen on trying to enable Visa Issuers to accelerate innovation, all while still leveraging the payment infrastructures that already exist.

Visa Asia Pacific’s VP of Consumer Solutions, Conor Lynch, said that the program would give customers access to a robust set of technologies designed to help them create their own new digital-first experiences. In addition, Verrency receiving Visa Ready certification and becoming a program partner will give Visa issuers access to the company’s cloud-based customer experience systems. This means that Visa’s issuing clients can now easily take advantage of Verrency’s experience and expertise in both engagement and loyalty solutions. And they can do all this without having to make huge infrastructure changes.