Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) has announced that it will accept submissions from developers for its App Store app during the holiday. The company does not usually allow submissions for some days during the Christmas holiday. However, the company has warned developers that reviews on November 24-28 and December 22-27 will take longer to complete due to a higher load.

The company has also announced deals on a few of its products ahead of Black Friday. For example, the orange and deep navy AirTag Loop will go for $24, which reduces from $29. The other colors will have a lower price decrease. The company will also sell its newest Airpod Pro model for $179.99.

Apple hires former Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) employees to work on its electric car project 

Apple has largely remained silent on Project Titan, an electric car project. However, news has emerged that the company has hired Christopher Moore, who formerly worked for Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA), to work on its electric vehicles.

Moore is not the first Tesla employee the company has poached. It has also hired Steve MacManus, Michael Schwekutsch, Andrew Kim, and Stuart Bowers. Apple has also hired Ulrich Kranz, the co-founder of Canoo, and former CTO of Adobe, Kevin Lynch.

Moore made headlines when he criticized the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, for exaggerating his claims on the self-driven car. He pointed out that the vehicles were a level 2 as they still needed driver supervision.

Apple’s new policy is losing advertisers for social media companies 

Apple’s latest moves have caused even more trouble for social media companies. Experts have noted that the company’s new App Tracking Transparency features will cost these companies about $10 billion in revenue.

Because of the new policy, advertisers have pulled out social media companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Snap, and YouTube. They have opted for platforms like TikTok, which are cheaper to advertise. Facebook’s parent company, Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: FB), is now accusing Apple of making policies that would exclusively benefit it.

iFixit has also revealed that Apple has placed a chip at the bottom of the iPhone13 screen. If a screen is damaged, the chip has to be paired with a replacement screen that requires Apple’s permission. This move makes phone repairs more expensive for Apple users.