For any small business that wants to sell products and services online, the massive reach of, Inc.’s e-commerce is appealing. However, a new report by a non-profit institute or local self-reliance (LSR) suggests that for a 3rd party seller, Amazon’s fees will quickly eat into their profits hence turning the business into a Faustian Bargain.

The institute found that Amazon had changed a total of $ 121 billion in fees to 3rd party sellers alone this year. Stacy Mitchell, the institution’s co-director and author of the report, highlighted that the fees were for things like advertising, shipping, referrals, among other factors that lead to loss of money by the businesses.

However, the Amazon Prime subscription services are a money loser for the e-commerce platform. The service provides Amazon with a loyal base of clients who require their money’s worth of free shipping. Amazon’s profit subsidizes the losses made from the Prime division.

Amazon launches secret sale auction

The Amazon Prime members are fortunate as the membership affords one an entry into Amazon’s secret sales section. Such benefits include discounts and free two-day shipping. Recently, Sonos rolled out its support for Tracks from Amazon Unlimited, such as Ultra H.D. and Dolby Amos.

Amazon Music subscribers will view new badges on the now playing screen to identify the quality of the type of music.

To understand high-resolution audio, the company has also put together a guide and states that as the industry evolves, the streaming services are applied, their higher resolution-tiers.

People praise an Amazon delivery driver for his quick thinking

An exchange captured on the camera of a Ring doorbell Has earned an Amazon driver all sorts of praise following his encounter with a customer’s husband.  The holiday’s shopping season has flushed TikTok with popular clips involving customers and delivery drivers’ experiences.

The customer had asked the Amazon delivery driver not to reveal the package to her husband. However, when the husband opened the door, the driver cleverly diverted the situation by trying to preach to him instead of delivering the package. This move earned him praise on the social media platform.