Former Alphabet Inc Class C (NASDAQ: GOOG) employees are suing the company for violating its contract by failing to uphold their ‘don’t be evil’ pledge. The company’s former software engineers, Paul Duke, Sophie Waldman, and Rebecca Rivers, filed a suit against the company in California.

Former employees said they upheld their contractual obligations

Google fired Duke, Waldman, and Rivers two years ago, claiming they violated security and data policies. The employees, on the other hand, say that they were fired for upholding their contractual obligation to speak against the company if it went against its famous motto. Google has not given any further comment on the matter.

After the three left Google, the National Labor Relations Board questioned if Google tried to inhibit their workers from organizing by engaging in unfair practices. Over the last few years, many employed from tech companies have fought for a chance to give their input on projects and company policies. However, tech companies who want complete control have vehemently opposed them.

Before Google fired them, Rivers, Waldman, and Duke had expressed their reservations about the company planning to sell cloud technology to immigration authorities. Human rights activists had at the time claimed these authorities were violating human rights through practices such as separating children from their parents. Therefore, the employees thought this was evil.

Google is working on messaging incompatibility between Android and Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL)

The incompatibility between Android and Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) messaging apps makes it harder for users who own different devices to communicate. As a result, Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google’s SVP, has asked Apple to support Rich Communications Services (RCS) support to iMessage.

Apple is unlikely to heed his request as the Epic Games lawsuit showed how its executives did not want to support the Android messaging app as iMessage made it difficult for users to switch to other devices.

Nevertheless, Google is determined to replace SMS with RCS for all Android users for a unified experience. Android has already added message capabilities to its RCS, MMS, and SMS apps.

Meanwhile, Google maintains some of its back Friday deals for Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday will come with many offers, including the Google Pixel 5A, which will go from $449-$399. The Chromecast with Google TV will also go from $50-$40.